Create your own look

Take complete control of your style with our fully customizable Free Cut products. Create your own pair of leggings or capris simply by marking and cutting these ladder-proof tights with non-run edges. Shorten your dress or skirt to the perfect length without worrying about frayed edges. Continue Reading to discover more about these beautifully innovative designs.


Be your own designer
  • Step 1 Cut your tights with sharp scissors just above the top toe seam – this is very important for the first cut to ensure the result won’t be too short.
  • Step 2 Put on the new leggings and mark the desired length while wearing them
  • Step 3 Adjust the length and cut according to your preference.
Transform Your Look…

Modern day fashion is all about wearing what feels best for you and being flexible. Gone are the days where everyone has to fit the mould. Take control of your look and wear your personal style.

Customizable Crossband Net Tights

True to its place in the #WildLife collection, these net tights are reminiscent of snakeskin to give you the confidence of a predator and the comfort of Wolford tights with a broad sewn-on waistband. Experience luxury women’s fashion and be your own designer.